Corporate Accommodation

La Loft Apartments Elegant Corporate Accommodation in Adelaide

Since the year 2000, La Loft Apartments has catered to the needs of individuals, groups, corporations and families who have chosen to visit Adelaide Australia. Corporate accommodation is part of our state-of-the-art serviced apartments, executive apartments, penthouses, and even cosmopolitan townhouses. Reservations can be made via our website at and the range of prices for our rooms are displayed on their web page. We have a large range to choose from depending upon your budget. In addition, these apartments are only a walking distance to various tourist locations. You may call us on 1300 660 711 or 0412 071 682 for further information or write at La Loft Apartments has received positive feedback from customers who are well satisfied with the corporate accomodation services they have offered during their stay in the apartments.


Corporate Accommodation

Simple Steps to Benefit from La Lofts Corporate Accommodation

Once you have decided to visit Adelaide Australia, call us on 1300 660 711 or 0412 071 682 or send an e-mail at From here, you can you’re your reservations for our corporate accommodation. La Loft Apartments have superb services that will give you a memorable stay. Our reservations team will immediately answer the queries regarding our list of apartments and the costs for each room. We have customised, and top-rated services in lieu of extravagant, expensive hotels and real estate rentals. Hence, you could enjoy the scenery of Adelaide, and spend your time relaxing in comfortable rooms. All without having to spend a fortune for the expenses. Our website is here, you can check out our corporate accomodation.

Defining the Perfect Ambiance for Corporate Accommodation in Adelaide

La Loft’s executive apartments and townhouses are all located near markets and shopping spots which provide tourists with a variety of restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment. All of these factors ensure to satisfy our customers. Our corporate accommodation services are created with a standard quality of construction materials that will provide assurance and even protection during your stay in Adelaide. Our highly skilled and well-trained service providers, staff, administration and management team will assist you from the time you step inside our apartments. They are professional in all their business deals as they offer their serviced and executive apartments which are affordable and classy. Some of our corporate accommodation are simple, while some are sophisticated. There are a variety of choices depending on your financial state or budget. This is one of the best things about La Loft Apartments, we have a price range that will perfectly fit your choice.

The Most Exquisite Corporate Accommodation

Whether you want a simple or luxurious place to stay. Call us on 1300 660 711 or 0412 071 682 for further information or send an e-mail to