Apartment Hotel in Adelaide

Why stay in an Apartment Hotel?

La Loft Mansions on Pulteney is an apartment hotel and experts in providing accommodation. We’ve been in operation for over 100 years and seen the rise in privately owned apartments for hire in Adelaide and around the world, and we can tell you all about the aspects that make us different (and better!).

What’s the difference between staying in a privately owned apartment and an apartment hotel?

An apartment hotel combines the features of a hotel and an apartment in one. Apartment hotels, or as they’re sometimes known, aparthotels, provide furnished apartments with additional hotel-style services such as housekeeping, a concierge and front desk service and occasionally on-site breakfast and dining options.


When renting an apartment, you’ll stay in a self-contained unit, typically part of a larger complex. Apartments are privately owned, and residents are responsible for the cost of the cleaning and maintenance. Add to that you’re dealing directly with the apartment’s owner, and there’s a whole host of extra things to consider.

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Things that can go wrong with a private booking

There’s been a considerable increase in privately owned residences offered through third-party platforms in the last five years, and Adelaide has been no exception. So we thought we’d clue you in on a few things that can happen when you make a private booking.

Hosts can cancel your reservation

Did you know that hosts can cancel your reservation at the last minute if they want to? It’s usually in the terms and conditions, and the third-party reservation system you’ve booked through often considers itself just that, a third party. They’ll try to help you find another property if you can get hold of them on the phone. Mansions of Pulteney would never have any reasons to cancel your apartment.


No health and safety requirements

Private apartments aren’t required to adhere to health and safety regulations like we are. Which means that you could be staying in a property without fire alarms or smoke detectors. You can be 100% certain all of our apartments are fitted with everything needed to ensure your safety when you stay with Mansions on Pulteney.


No staff to address issues

What happens when something goes wrong during your stay? The toilet won’t flush, or the air conditioner stops working. You need to contact the apartment’s owner, and they may be overseas. What do you do then? Staying at an apartment hotel means there are staff on call and a 24/7 method of support if something goes wrong.



This is a really big concern. When you’re staying in a host’s apartment, they have full access to the property before and after your stay and even during. We’ve heard stories of people returning to their rented apartment to find the owner there, “picking something up”. That would never happen with an apartment- hotel. If we’re in your room, it’s to clean it and nothing else.


Refund policies

If you weren’t happy with your stay and want to reclaim your funds, you are at the mercy of the host’s decision. The third-party operator supports the host in enforcing non-refundable conditions. So apart from a bad review, what options do you have to get your funds returned?

Why an apartment hotel is less frustrating

Benefits of an apartment hotel

At Mansions on Pulteney, we provide apartment hotel living in our fully self-contained studio and one-bedroom apartments, which means you have the comforts of home plus the convenience of hotel servicing, amenities and cleaning.


Our apartments all feature fully equipped kitchens, including an oven, microwave and fridge, so if you’re staying longer than a few nights and want to save money, you can prepare some tasty meals yourself. The apartments feature windows you can open to access fresh air (a feature not many hotels have anymore!).


Of course, each apartment has an LCD TV, a comfy couch and complimentary WIFI provided by the hotel. We also supply hairdryers and irons, so if you stay with us for a while, you barely need to bring anything from home.


The pleasure of staying in an apartment hotel is having the privacy and facilities of living in an apartment but with on-site support and advice.

Mansion’s comfortable apartments in the city

You’d expect to pay a lot for an apartment located right in the heart of the city, but at Mansions on Pulteney, you won’t need to, plus you’ll still receive all the benefits of the location. Our front desk will be happy to advise you where to find the best pizza along Rundle Street, where to shop for groceries and toiletries along Rundle Mall and how to catch the tram down to the Entertainment Centre.


We’re right in the heart of the action at Mansions on Pulteney. Added to that, our beautiful high-ceiling heritage apartments with modern decor touches and hotel facilities, and why would you want to stay anywhere else?

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